Dash-in Dungeons
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Here Be Gamers (Audio review in podcast "Episode 3 - Into the Dungeon") [Warning: The DiD-review part of the podcast is nearly 38 minutes long, so make sure you have some time to listen. Of course, you could always download the podcast for later listening.]

Dork Geek Nerd.

A player review from Board Game Geek.

Another player review from Board Game Geek.

Gen Con™ Australia team (PDF) from the December 2007 issue of "Gen Con™ Australia E-News".

Art and praise from some of Dash-in Dungeon's youngest fans.


"This is an addictive fast paced role playing game." - DIMITRIOS KANOS (BGG)

"I have 4th, third and 3.5 D&D not to mention Descent and Warhammer Quest in my
games cupboard but when we wanted to smash some monsters in the face
and take their stuff I grabbed Dash-in." - Alan Twigg.

"Just played the game for the first time today and have to tell you it is an awesome
game you guys have done a great job :)" - Kevin Stoker.

"The thing I like most about your game is how quickly I can have a game going from
start to finish. I had purchased an old version of Hero Quest of EBAY but it took too
long to setup and play. " - Adrian Eaton.