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Want more?

Dash-in Dungeons® will be supported by a line of expansion sets to enhance your gaming experiences including:

Planned Core Sets

Intermediate Set
The Dash-in Dungeons intermediate set will include rules for advancing your hero's skills and abilities, new dungeon delving equipment, and new exciting adventures designed to challenge higher level Characters.

Advanced Set
The Dash-in Dungeons advanced set will include rules for Characters of truly heroic status. Advanced skills, powerful spells and specialised equipment allow for epic adventures in some of the toughest and most dangerous dungeons in the realm!

Planned Play Sets

Dungeon Tile Expansion Sets
As your party of brave adventurers enters the Orc Lair for the second time they notice that the latest Chieftain has been doing a bit of remodelling.. you hadn't noticed the 'torture chamber' on your last visit, and the 'combat arena' sure wasn't there before... Dungeon Tile Expansion sets will add a few surprizes to your dungeon adventure maps with new dungeon tile types. Expand your adventures with deeper dungeon levels to explore.

Wilderness Encounter Sets
Imagine trekking your way through dark forests, forbidding mountain passes, treacherous swamps or haunted hills in search of hidden dungeon delves... Dash-in Dungeons Wilderness Ecounter sets will add a new dimension to your adventuring fun by including encounters in the wilderness terrain surrounding the dungeons you aim to explore...

Monster Expansion Sets
Your team of stalwarts opens the last dungeon door and finds a scaly beast that appears to be half-dragon and half-giant eagle! The creature stirs from it's slumber and screeches a blood-chilling howl, blue-sparks dance across its eyes as it stares hungrily at you... Monster Expansion sets will add new creatures to the Dealers arsenal of deadly denizens of the dungeon. Surprize and delight your players with never seen before monster Special Skills which can also be used to 'spice-up' your existing monsters!

Trap and Treasure Expansion Sets
As you pass through the empty chamber, you hear a loud grating sound as the walls suddenly close-in from both sides; intent on crushing you like a stone-sandwich! ... and later... The treasure chest is finally open revealing a golden crown set with gemstones and a strange mystical staff with a glowing crystal embedded in one end... Dash-in Dungeons Trap and Treasure expansions will add colour and excitement to your dungeon adventures providing the Dealer with new trap types to taunt and terrorise, and new and wonderful treasures to reward the the brave and clever Characters who survive...

Adventure Packs
The sewers of Westmeet city harbour more than just giant rats; a dark power lurks within the lone tower of swamp island; what dangers guard the magical treasures buried in the desert ruins? ... Dash-in Dungeons Adventure packs provide new and exotic dungeons to explore, and ancient mysteries to unravel... New thrills, challenges and excitement await your experienced band of dungeon delvers!