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Free Adventures

The Dash-in Dungeons basic set comes supplied with a few sample Adventures, however, for Players who may already be familiar with the included Adventures, and do not have time to create new Adventures using the Adventure template cards we have created the following new Adventures for your use (Please download and print):

Note that the following three adventures can be played separately, or as a sequence of linked adventures using the same group of characters.

Adventure 1 is intended for level one (Journeyman) characters, Adventure 2 is intended for level two (Pathfinder) characters and Adventure 3 is intended for level three (Expert) characters. If the same group of characters complete each Adventure in sequence, then they will increase in level each time and be ready for the challenges of each adventure.

Adventure 1: Take All Their Stuff.

Adventure 2: They Took Our Stuff!

Adventure 3: Who Has The Stuff?