Dash-in Dungeons
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What kind of Game is Dash-in Dungeons® ?

Several folks have asked me lately, what is Dash-in Dungeons? The conversation I have following this question oftens follows a series of queries about what it is and what it isn't - sounds like another FAQ to me! So, here it is...

What Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT:

Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT a collectible game. The complete basic game is contained in the Basic Set box when you buy it. You don't need to buy a box for each player to play the game, and you don't need to buy extra sets or expansions before you can play; though you might wish to buy expansion sets for more varied or advanced play (when available), you don't ever have to go any further than the original game box.

Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT (strictly-speaking) a card game. Although the components of Dash-in Dungeons are cards, and you handle them in similar ways to card games, that's where the similarity stops. The cards are specially designed to replace the normal components used in other role-playing games. ie. Instead of dice, there is the 'Fate' deck to generate random numbers and results in the game. Instead of a 'map', there are dungeon tile cards used to display the dungeon environment as the characters in the party explore the adventure. Instead of character sheets, there are character statistic cards which display the information about each character in the game. Instead of recording damage taken on a character shete/scorecard, 'Injury' cards are dealt to the players as their characters are injured. Instead of rulebooks, there are rules cards: each acting like a page or chapter in a regular rulebook. etc..

Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT a solo/solitare game. Like most role-playing games, Dash-in Dungeons requires a referee (aka GM or 'Dealer') to set the scene for the adventures upon which the team of player characters will embark. The Dealer adjudicates the actions of the characters in the adventure environment progresses the adventure story to its conclusion. Dash-in Dungeons can be played with as few as 2 players: 1 Dealer and 1 Player or as many as 5 players: 1 Dealer and 4 Players; though it cannot be played solo (aka in solitaire mode) with the rules provided. Gamers could decide to try to invent their own rules for solo play, but the game is not currently designed to support a single-player mode.

Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT a random dungeon exploration game. In a similar sense to solo play, Dash-in Dungeons is not designed to allow players to play random dungeon maps; although (as above for solo play), players might choose to try to play it that way if they wished to invent their own rules to do so.

Dash-in Dungeons IS NOT (strictly-speaking) a boardgame. Although it has elements of a boardgame (a 'board' and 'pieces/tokens' representing the players and separate 'segments' of the board representing different areas etc). Dash-in Dungeons is however, more free-flowing and less turn-based than most boardgames (except during combat). In one sense, you could (if you chose) play it like a fantasy boardgame by simply having the players move the pieces (fold-up miniatures) mechanically through the dungeon; exploring rooms, battling monsters, collecting treasure rewards and completing adventure goals according to the example action types mentioned in the rules; however, the choices of character actions in role-playing game are often more flexible; and the players in Dash-in Dungeons are encouraged to 'get creative' with how their characters solve/complete the missions they embark upon.

What Dash-in Dungeons IS:

Dash-in Dungeons IS a role-playing game. The basic design premise of Dash-in Dungeons was to create an 'old-school' dungeon-exploration role-playing game; where a team of characters (run by the players) work together to achive the goal of the adventure (an example of which could be "rescue the farmer's daughter"). The actions of the characters as they explore the dungeon are adjudicated by a referee (aka Games Master or 'Dealer') who sets the scene for the story, describes the contents of the dungeon as the player-character team explores their environment, and dictates the actions of the monsters who lurk therein.

Dash-in Dungeons IS a fast-play, rules-light role-playing game. Dash-in Dungeons was designed to be played:

- by gamers who feel like a quick, 'old-school' (bash-down door, slay the monster, grab the treasure), role-playing game with little or no preparation required;

- by gamers who wish to introduce the concepts of roleplaying to new players;

- by gamers who want a portable roleplaying game;

- by gamers who don't feel like getting bogged-down by complex rules, but want the flexibility of full-blown roleplay game system.

Dash-in Dungeons IS a game system that allows players (Dealers) to create their own dungeons for players to explore. Dash-in Dungeons players need not rely on commercial offerings to continue to enjoy the game beyond the included example adventures. The basic set provides templates and guidelines to allow Dealers to create their own adventures; which can be printed and 'added' to their game sets for future use.