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The game designer wishes to thank the following stalwart dungeon dashers for their valued support, encouragement and friendship (in alphabetical order of surname):

Cameron Abernethy
Eric Halil
Rhett Henry
Karl and Helen Hanmore
Craig Mills
Paul Shackel
Ashley Stevens-Hoare
Ian Houlihan
Mark Sydney
Richard Thomas
Helen Tranter
James Tranter
Mike Whelan

Original artwork in Dash-in Dungeons® created by

Rhett Henry

Thanks also go to

Dave Gurrea (3D Artist) for his kind permission in the free use of his graphic textures in parts of this game product. The textures used were posted on the following website by Dave between 1994 and 1998: http://www.davegh.com/blade/davegh.htm

Special thanks also go to

My family: Vanessa, Fergus, Jill, Peter, Ray, Valerie & Tory.
To my good mates Troy & John.
To my brother Rome for his photographic help, advice and Entrepreneurial inspiration.
To my life coach Stewart.