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Dash-in Dungeons Basic Set

The Dash-in Dungeons Basic Set includes all you need to start adventuring in an exciting world of bold warriors and powerful wizards who explore dark mysterious dungeons, battling lurking monsters, overcoming cunning traps and gathering glittering treasures!

What is Dash-in Dungeons?
Dash-in Dungeons is a fantasy adventure role-playing game about a small team of wizards and warriors who explore dark dungeons, battling monsters and avoiding deadly traps; on heroic quests for fame and fortune! The game can be played as a quick, one-off dungeon delve, or as a linked-series of dungeon-adventures where the same team of characters gain powers and abilities after each successful mission to face the greater challenges ahead.

How is it played?
One player acts as the Dealer (Games Master) for the game.
Other players form a team of heroes (Characters) in the story.
The story (Adventure) is told by all players collectively.

What pieces does the game provide?
All game components, including the rooms for the map (Dungeon tiles), Characters, Equipment, Skills, Spells, Monsters, Traps, Rules and even the 'dice' (Fate) are represented by durable custom-made cards. Fold-up miniatures representing the Characters as they explore the dungeon, are also provided. Everything you need to play is included in the Basic Set box - you need no pens or paper.

DiD Game in
Dash-in Dungeons takes-up minimal space on your tabletop. Above is shown a 4 player set-up on a small card-table.

Why is it called the "Basic Set" ?
The Dash-in Dungeons Basic Set provides the players with several Character types who can progress from expertise levels one (Journeyman) to three (Expert). It also provides the Dealer with information on how to run Adventures to challenge Characters of these expertise levels as they rise in power and skill; including information on various Monsters and Traps. The Dealer is also provided with with treasures such as Gold and Magical Devices to place in their dungeons as rewards for the Characters who succeed in their quests. The Basic Set includes several sample Adventures of designed for various Character expertise levels, as well as the means to create new Adventures of for continued play. The game is designed to allow creative Dealers to invent new Adventures of their own, and for Players to enjoy a different experience each time they play.

The Dash-in Dungeons Basic Set is only the first in a line of games planned for the Dash-in Dungeons core rules series, which will take Characters to new heights of power and provide Adventure challenges worthy of their mettle.

Download the complete list of game components for the Basic Set.