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Mark McPherson designer of Dash-in Dungeons®

Hi folks,

I was a games designer from an early age. My Grandfather introduced me to wargaming with toy soldiers as a kid, and by the age of 12, my friends and I were designing our own wargame rules and making our own boardgames. In my teens (circa 1982), my Grandmother bought me my first role-playing game from a local hobby store and I've been a Gamesmaster ever since.

Over the last 25+ years I've written mountains of material for my own role-playing game campaigns, including the design of new worlds / milieus, adventures and tournaments for several RPG conventions here in Australia.

Although some of my previous work has seen print (mainly through various game club competitions via the RPGA), none of my work has ever had my name attached before.

Over the last couple of decades, I've built-up a huge stack of game concepts and ideas. Many of them were roughly-scrawled on small bits of paper at 3am in the morning; but now I intend to put them to work...

I spent three years developing Dash-in Dungeons®, and now its published I sincerely hope you find some of the joy I have always experienced whenever I brought home a new gaming product and tore-off the shrink-wrap..

Mark McPherson


Mark McPherson