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Dash-in Dungeons debuted on the international stage at:

International Spieltage 2009

WNG Crew at
WNG booth staff at Internationale Spieltage - Essen Germany 2009

Spieltage 09EVENT: From the 22nd to the 25th October 2009 Dash-in Dungeons® appeared at the International Spieltage trade show in Germany.

The Essen Spieltage is the largest gaming consumer tradeshow in the world!

It was a fantastic show to say the least, with lots of folks from all over the world coming to the booth to try-out Dash-in Dungeons and meet the game's Aussie designer.

Thanks to all the folks who stopped by the booth to say "Hi", to all the customers who bought a copy of Dash-in Dungeons, and to my stalwart booth staff Troy and Richard, who took valuable time out from their lives and left their families behind to come half way around the globe to help me with the show; and without whom I could never have managed it with my recently broken shoulder. Thanks boys!

I would also like to thank to the Spieltage organisers Friedhelm Merz Verlag, my shipping agents Mandie and Thomas from Toll Global Forwarding, Gisela from DB Schenker, and Sabrina from MESSE ESSEN GmbH. Thanks also to: Jurgen and his partner for their friendship and support during the show.

Thanks also go to my new friends at "JKLMnP", "Stupormundi", "Rosebud", "Heidelberger", "Hans Im Gluck", "Pegasus Spiele", "Steve Jackson Games", "Schmidt Spiele", "Board Games Australia", "Flying Buffalo" and "Steve jackson Games".

Personal thanks go especially to my wife Vanessa and my son Fergus for supporting me in this endeavour - Mark McPherson.

It was an honour to appear at the very first GenCon Australia convention:

Gen Con Oz

EVENT: From the 18th to the 20th September 2009 Dash-in Dungeons® appeared at Gen Con Australia 2009 games convention - Brisbane; This is the second year in a row that Wednesday Night Games has exhibited at Gen Con™ Australia, and we would like to offer a hearty congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the organisers.

Photo courtesy of Chris and Vanessa Ryan (http://www.rymich.com/genconoz2008/)

Thanks also go out to all the folks who stopped by the GenConOz Wednesday Night Games booth to say "Hi", to all the customers who bought a copy of Dash-in Dungeons and to all the booth staff who volunteered their valuable time to help me with the show (in no particular order): Craig, Jon, Andrew, Troy, Helen, Eric, Ray and Valerie; my wife Vanessa and my son Fergus. Thanks also to my good friend: Mike and to Nathan & Andrew from Here Be Gamers, as well as our new friends at "Sleeping Dragon" and "Walrus & Carpenter/The Tin Soldier".

The first community event Dash-in Dungeons appeared at was "GoPlay":


EVENT: On the 25th of April 2009 Dash-in Dungeons® made an appearance at GoPlay Brisbane. Kindly organised by local indie-designer Andrew Smith, this mini-convention for indie/self-published roleplaying games and story games showcases our Australian talent, and brings together local gamers interested in seeing what's new.
Several eager gamers came-along to play: "Take all their stuff" adventures at GoPlay Brisbane! I trust that the players enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed running the linked series of 3 short adventures we crammed into the 3 hour timeslot. Thanks again Andrew for another successful gathering!

P.S. The 'Stuff' Adventures are available for FREE from the downloads area of this website.